Dear PeerCube user,

It has been over a year since we last sent you an update on the status of PeerCube. Last week we were chastised by a PeerCube user that we keep rolling out new functionalities but never inform him of the changes. We took his feedback to the heart. We have decided to be more regular with our communications through newsletter. We hope you will find the information useful.

In the past year, we have grown tremendously, all thanks to referrals from users like you. Not only we have reached 1,800 PeerCube users, we have also been working closely with several institutional clients in their marketplace and alternative lending initiatives. We are really excited about helping both retail and institutional customers.

In this issue of newsletter, we would like to highlight Portfolio Returns feature that we introduced to help you with analyzing your marketplace lending portfolios.

Portfolio Returns

Now, our users can review annualized and cumulative returns of Lending Club accounts at Lending Club Portfolio Overview. This feature enables users to gain insights into the performance of the Lending Club portfolios since inception as well as progression over the years.

Portfolio Returns

Because Lending Club API doesn't provide any information about the cash deposits to and cash withdrawals from account and starting and ending monthly balances of user portfolios, users need to extract this information from their past monthly statements and enter at Portfolio - Data from Monthly Statements for accurate return estimates.

Monthly Returns

PeerCube subscribers benefit from the ability to review their portfolio returns on monthly basis. Reviewing monthly returns will help users understand the variations in their portfolio returns. This feature is particularly valuable for users who would like to consider their Lending Club portfolio as asteady source of monthly income. We further elaborate on this feature in our guidance on interpretation of the chart.

Portfolio Returns

Pro Plan Subscription

We encourage you to upgrade to our Pro Plan to support our operations and continued development of value-added tools.

  • Keep all the gains that you make in your portfolio with our automated lending, portfolio x-ray and secondary market tools available with one low flat fee for Pro Plan subscription.
  • Unlike asset based fees and order volume based fees charged by others, we do not penalize you for growing your portfolio with our flat fee Pro Plan subscription.
  • Monthly cost of our flat fee Pro Plan is less than 0.03% of typical portfolio size. Surely, you will agree that it is a very small fee for the value we deliver.

If you don't agree with our assessment of Pro Plan, please let us know why and what we can do to increase the value of service for you.

We would appreciate your contribution and feedback on the content of this newsletter and on improving PeerCube. You can always reach us via our contact page.

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