Dear PeerCube user,

Six months passed by quickly since we released PeerCube.

Thanks to your active participation, over 6,500 loans have been reviewed and more than 350 loan filters have been developed in the past six months. It is our pleasure that we are able to provide the platform for peer-to-peer lenders. Ultimately, PeerCube is your community to share and exchange your lending ideas.

Since PeerCube was born, we have implemented new features, which some of you may not be aware. In this newsletter, we would like to highlight one of the new features that you may find valuable to make smart lending decision more effectively.

What is the BLE Risk Index?

"Bad Loan Experience" Risk Index is found in the loan summary table of each loan in PeerCube. This index is associated to risk of each loan and calculated based on various loan attributes available from Lending Club historical loan data. Total 19 attributes are considered when calculating the index, including interest rate, FICO range, and loan length. The index does not consider Credit Grade assigned by Lending Club; hence, it provides an independent perspective in terms of loan risk.

The lower the index, the safer the loan, meaning it would decrease the chance of loans being charged off. This can be your lending strategy if your goal is to preserve your income through Lending Club.

How can I filter loans based on BLE Risk Index?

If you want to check out loans based on low BLE Risk Index, go to the Loan Ideas section in Lending Club drop-down menu. The Low BLE Risk Index page displays the ten loans for each Credit Grade with lowest BLE Risk Index. As a general rule of investing, higher the risk higher the possibility of reward.

Where can I find more details on BLE Risk Index?

You can find further details on BLE Risk Index in our blog posts:

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