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My prosperous Prosper experience

Posted by Anil Gupta | Tuesday March 4, 2014, 10:35 am | Categories: Prosper PeerCube

Note: This post is written by my wife. In this post, she is sharing her personal experience lending on Prosper Marketplace.

My P2P lending experience started as lender for Lending Club with my husband. As I became familiar with P2P lending, I also started to lend money on the Prosper platform. Besides, my husband “hacked” my Lending Club account and he has been using that account to test out his lending strategies. So, I started to invest in Prosper by myself.

The advantage of Prosper was that they used to offer one-year term loan till March 2013. Such loans were attractive to me as I was still a bit skeptical about the P2P lending. I also thought the shorter term loans were less risky. Now that I have become more familiar with investing P2P lending and the P2P lending industry has become more mature and widely known, I’m comfortable with investing in longer terms loans.

Portfolio Performance

Over 18 months of my Prosper investment, I can proudly say that there’s no charged-off note among 130 notes issued so far. According to the Prosper calculation, annualized return is 9.75% and seasoned-only return (annualized return for notes aged 10 month or more) is 11.13%. I am very pleased with this result comparing with the bond or interest rate these days. My goal or hope was that the P2P lending portion in my portfolio should surpass bond and saving account interest rate. My expectation was pretty low in the first place, yet, I think the return is good and I’m very happy that I have not bought any notes that later defaulted.

Filter Criteria and Tips

I use PeerCube to filter loans available on the Prosper platform. My filter criteria have been evolving as PeerCube adds filters and features. I was also trying to narrow down appropriate criteria to meet my goals. Here’s the list of criteria I have been using on PeerCube to select notes:

  • Employment Status: Employed, Full-time, Self-employed, Other, Part-time. I’m excluding Not employed and Retired borrowers.
  • Prosper Risk Score: 5 and above
  • Delinquencies Last 7 Years: Up to 2
  • Inquiries Last 6 Months: Up to 2
  • Now Delinquent Derog: 0
  • Public Records Last 12 Months: 0
  • Public Records Last 10 Years: Up to 1

Not so many loans are available after applying the filter. I would say usually about 20 or so notes meet my filter criteria. In PeerCube, I sort filtered notes from higher interest rate and review individual notes. That’s when my own filtering selection process starts in my head, which adds a few spices to my standard recipe.

  • I tend to avoid older borrowers. I check the credit age and the length of months employed to estimate approximate age. Especially if borrower still has pretty high balance of real estate, there is no way for me to lend money to such a borrower. Sadly, I’ve been noticing this type of borrowers more and more these days.
  • I check the frequencies of delinquencies information. Borrowers with more than a few delinquencies are removed from my selection.
  • I’m ok to lend money to a borrower with high Debt to Income Ratio as long as the monthly income is high. By the same token, I don’t select loans with high Debt to Income Ratio when a borrower’s income is low.

Using the same criteria, I review three-year loans first (I still prefer shorter term loans), then five-year loans. I rarely review the grade AA loans for my own "greed". Usually once or twice a week, I review loans and reinvest available cash in my Prosper account.

That’s all I can share as tips for selecting Prosper loans using PeerCube. I’ll definitely continue this process...

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